Electrical Wire Cable Coat - Glue
Electrical Wire Cable Coat - Glue
Electrical Wire Cable Coat - Glue
Electrical Wire Cable Coat - Glue
Electrical Wire Cable Coat - Glue
Electrical Wire Cable Coat - Glue

Electrical Wire Cable Coat - Glue

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Electrical Wire Cable Coat – Insulation Glue 

Is your data or electrical cable / wire damaged? Use this insulation glue..

  • Professional finish to your broken/ split or cracked wires or chips.

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor – it seals and protects your cable.


Product Name: Liquid Insulating Adhesive
Material: Silicone rubber /Sealant
Net content: 50ml/30ml
Liquid color: Black, White
NOTE: 1. Apply liquid insulating glue between the joints 2. Leave it to dry for about 4 hours after application
Instruction Manual:
1. When repairing electrical appliances, comply with local electrical regulations.
2. In order to achieve the best use effect of the product, please avoid using it in direct sunlight, high humidity and windy environment.
3. Please stir thoroughly before using the insulating liquid adhesive.
4. Before using the insulating liquid adhesive, ensure that the relevant application surface is clean and dry.
5. Disconnect the power supply before using the insulating liquid glue.
6. When using insulating liquid glue, ensure an interval of at least 10 minutes between two covers. It is recommended to cover at least two layers.
7. Wait for a drying period of at least four hours after using the liquid,and please let the liquid insulating glue be completely dry before restoring the power.

Perfect for quick access and portability!
Liquid Electrical Tape can be used in manufacturing to insulate, protect, and colour code connections.
It remains flexible even under extreme conditions and wont crack, harden, or peel.
Liquid Electrical Tape electrically insulates to over 1380v/ml.
It is also excellent for use in a variety of applications including the manufacturing of electrical connections and components for boats, trailers, cars and trucks, timers, outdoor wiring,instruments, computers, circuit boards, switches, radio antennas, and many more!
Forms an airtight, insulation seal, waterproof, UV resistant, dielectric coating.
Prevents corrosion on wires and terminals, protects against vibration
Fast drying formula, quick curing.
Application: Bonding of electronic components, electrical equipment, sealing semiconductor materials, electric heaters, electronic instruments, etc.
Reminder: If you find the product hardened after receiving the product, dont worry, you can soak it(
the whole bottle) in water for a while or use it with water, the product is no problem

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Sanford Daniel

It is too dry. Cant do anything with it. I feel scamed

April Blanda

I arrive OK need to try it, fast delivery

Rubie Hauck

I'm so disappointed. The white liquid is completely dried in its bottle. Unable to use it. The applicator stick remained in the bottle, I had to take it out with eyelash tweezers.
Disappointed because it's the one I wanted to use more.

Bruce Bernier

Over the punishment of odnakovi, I am the dink of the rizni, the Biliy-bylsh is thick.

Kade Denesik

Package came on time.Have not tested yet,recomendations for the seller